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Here are some upcoming presentations related to paper prototyping. To add a presentation to this list, contact Carolyn Snyder.

May 13, 2003; Burlington, MA

Paper Prototyping Grows Up, Carolyn Snyder

Paper prototyping has been around for decades. The majority of usability professionals are familiar with the technique even if they haven't used it. But how much do we as a profession really know about it? How well can we separate fact from myth?

This presentation is geared for those who have prior experience with paper prototyping - this is not a talk about what paper prototyping is or how to do it. Instead, we will look at the questions surrounding paper prototyping and how it affects the process of product development - some of these questions have been studied, others are unresolved, and still others remain unasked. For example, does paper a prototype really encourage more feedback from usability test participants? If so, is this due to the unfinished nature of the prototype, the medium of paper, the social setting, and/or something else? Research doesn't fully answer these questions, though it does provide some clues.

This will be a discussion, not just a talk. Carolyn Snyder will pose a list of questions about paper prototyping and summarize some of the research that addresses them. We will also discuss how paper prototyping can be used for purposes other than usability testing, such as internal reviews and participatory design.

This event is free and open to the public. See the Greater Boston SIGCHI site for directions. The presentation slides will be available here after the event.

May 14, 2003; Lexington, MA

Paper Prototyping for Technical Writers, Carolyn Snyder

Tech writers are drawn to paper prototyping like moths to flame (though with much happier results!). It's easy to understand why - by creating the interface entirely out of paper and then testing it with users, you'll quickly find the trouble spots. Don't get stuck with explaining a confusing interface when you can help fix it instead.

Paper prototyping expert Carolyn Snyder will share with you:

Case studies that illustrate how paper prototypes can turn flawed interfaces into usable ones.

The types of usability problems that paper prototypes can find in an interface, as well as some they don't

The situations where paper prototypes are most likely to save you time and aggravation

Tips for incorporating documentation and help into paper prototype usability tests

How paper prototypes empower tech writers to work with developers

There will be a drawing for an autographed copy of Carolyn's new book Paper Prototyping.

There is a fee for this event (which includes dinner) and advance registration is required. See the Boston STC programs page. The presentation slides will be available here after the event.

September 10, 2003 (telephone seminar)

An abstract of this talk will be available May 1. In the meantime, you can learn more about STC telephone seminars.

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